Get Ready For The Fastest Unlimited Wireless Internet You've Ever Seen!

5Ghz LTU can now provide fiber speeds and superior coverage for residential, business and community based broadband!

Residential Internet

per month

Installation costs not included

(determined by on-site survey)

Unlimited Data! / No Data Caps,
Throttling or Bundling

  • Perfect for streaming, online gaming, home security systems, online education & WiFi calling
  • No added taxes, overage charges, hidden fees or promotional pricing periods.

Business Broadband 

per month

Installation costs not included

(determined by on-site survey)

Prioritized Traffic & Support
 Symmetrical Speeds 

  • Perfect for VPN, working from home, VOIP (SIP) services, cloud hosting & IOT automation
  • No added taxes, overage charges, hidden fees or promotional pricing periods.

Check Availability

Complete this form to request a free on-site survey. This will determine service availability along with the required cost of installation & receiver equipment. No information submitted here will be shared with any third party entities and will remain confidential.

Please review our Billing FAQ's for common issues, questions or requests.

For security reasons all billing inquirees, requests and/or changes including payment extensions, billing disputes and billing delays must be submitted in writing to

Click here to review our "Terms & Conditions of Usage"
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In order to establish recurring payments, an "ACH Authorization Form" must be filled out by the customer and then submited to your banking institution by HollerNet's administrative department. You may download the form here:

Once completed, you may email the form back to us at:

Temporary suspension of services is only available for non-contract customers.

Please contact our billing support team at:
a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your desired service suspension date or as soon as possible in order to schedule.

Restoration of services may take up to 24 hours to fulfill.

Monthly bills are issued via email ONLY on the day of your billing cycle. Within the emailed invoice will be a web-link to make an online payment.

If you are a non-contract customer, your billing cycle is on the 1st of each month.

If you are under an active service agreement, your billing cycle is on the 15th of each month.

There is a 7 day grace period from the date in which your billing cycle ends to fulfil your monthly service bill at which time the automated billing system will automatically add a 0 late fee at approximately 7:00pm (8th or 22nd of the month).

Services will be automatically disconnected no sooner than 48 hours after the 0 late fee has been applied.

If automated service disconnection occurs, a $30 reconnection fee will be automatically added to your invoice which will then be automatically resubmitted via email.

If suspended, services may be restored only once the full bill has been paid (late fee included). Since service restoration must be manually performed by a "live human", please allow up to 24 hours for completion.

If this is your 1st month of service, you will receive a pro-rated invoice within 7 days of your service activation. This will carry your active service to the date of your normal billing cycle (1st of the month for non-contract customers / 15th of the month for contract customers)

If this is the final month of your service agreement, you will receive a pro-rated invoice on the 15th of the month which extends your services to the 1st of the month at which time, your normal billing cycle will resume on the 1st of each month.


"Unbundled" broadband is non-taxable

HollerNet residential and business connections operate in a "public spectrum" in which FCC fees and surcharges are non-applicable.

$87.99 for residential or $149.99 for business will be the exact amount of your bill.

Reduced equipment/installation pricing is available for new customers whom agree to keep active monthly service for a period of 24 months. Within this time frame, the istalled equipment (including cabling & mounting) remains the property of HollerNet.

If at any time within this timeframe, services are suspended or disconnected whether for delinquent billing or violations of service "Terms & Conditions", HollerNet reserves the right to collect any installed equipment (including cabling & mounting) at which time a termination fee of $300 will be billed.

Upon fulfillment the 24 month service period, any installed equipment (including cabling & mounting) will become the property of the customer at which point active monthly service may be temporarily suspended at the discretion of the customer.

Service installations include the appropriate receiver (as determined by site survey), any applicable mounting required along with up to 50' of shielded Cat5e cabling. Installations which require more than 50' of cabling will be billed for additional lengths of cable at .50 per foot.

Customers must provide an available 3 prong power outlet at the termination point of the installation in order to power the receiver equipment.

HollerNet service is ALWAYS terminated at a Cat5e (WIRED) connector. HollerNet does NOT provide WiFi access points, routers or any other connective networking equipment within the residence.

Customers are encouraged to purchase an in-home router from a third party vendor prior to the service installation. Although HollerNet recommends a 802.11AC compatible router for the provisioning of in-home WiFi, literally any "router" or network "switch" is compatible.

Due to HollerNet service terminating at a Cat5e wired connection, no modem is necessary for the provisioning of service as there would be no way to physically "plug in" a modem anyhow.

Corporate Administrative Offices 

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